Student Rules for iPad Use

Students in grades 4, 5 and 6 have the privilege of using an iPad this year.

We are fortunate to have iPads available for student use.This year each 4th, 5th and 6th grader will have his/her own iPad.No devices will be available for home use.Each student will have his/her own account with a passcode, so all work will be secure.

Below are the rules for iPad use.These rules were created to ensure our iPads remain in good working condition for several years to come and to ensure all students remain safe.

Failure to follow ANY of the rules may result in a student’s forfeiting his/her privilege to use the assigned iPad. This action will be taken at the discretion of Mrs. Browne or Mr. Michaud.

  1. Students should only use their iPads on a desk or table.Please do not sit with it in your lap or lay on the floor with it, even if this is what you do with at home devices.

  2. Students should be careful not to drop their iPads or place them down in an unsafe location. (Edge of a desk, chair, heater, inside a desk, floor, etc.).

  3. Students should never remove iPads from their cases.

  4. Students must use two hands when carrying an iPad.

  5. Students should never have food or drinks around the iPads. Water bottles must be placed on the ground and all other items should be put away.

  6. Students should be cautious with the screen of the iPad. The ONLY thing that should be used on the screen is a student’s finger. This is important as the screen may be permanently damaged.

  7. Students should not attempt to clean the screen. A teacher will clean the screen with the appropriate cleaner and cloth when needed.

  8. All students have their own accounts with passcode.DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSCODE WITH OTHERS!

  9. Students ARE NOT permitted to use Airdrop on their iPads.

  10. Students MAY NOT send emails or share Google Docs with peers. These should only be shared with teachers or other school staff when required.

  11. Students are not to change ANY settings on their iPads without specific teacher permission. This includes backgrounds, lock screens, passcodes, Apple ID account information and adding or deleting apps.

  12. Students should only print after given specific teacher permission to do so. Do not continue to print a paper over and over again if the printer does not respond. Ask for help if you are having trouble printing.

  13. Remember iPads are sensitive electronic tools. They are not toys.Handle them gently at all times. Do not bang on the screens or the case’s keyboards. Do not remove them from your classroom area. Please be sure your hands are clean before using your iPad.

  14. When finished with it, return the iPad to its appropriate shelf in the cabinet in the lab.Please plug in the iPad after every use, so it will be fully charged when it is next needed.Never unplug or remove the charger from the lab (only teachers may do this).

  15. Students should remember that iPads are provided to them to enhance their educational experience.Accessing/posting inappropriate material, copying/downloading copyrighted material, plagiarism, and malicious use of the iPad is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in forfeiting your privilege to use the iPad for an extended period of time, along with other possible consequences deemed appropriate by Mrs. Browne or Mr. Michaud.

  16. Remember, you are responsible for your iPad and how you use it!I know I can count on you to be a respectful, responsible and safe user.If you have a problem with your iPad, please notify me.Write me a note that includes your name, the problem, and your iPad number . I will address the problem ASAP!

Thank you.I know we’ll have a great year!!!

~ Mrs. Browne